The East Anglian Festival Network (EAFN) provides a framework to connect East Anglian Festival Organisers, Suppliers, Traders, Venues and Artists across the region.  EAFN aims to help build the relationships that will support our local economy and culture, whilst reducing environmental impact.

Hundreds of Festivals are held each year across East Anglia (Cambs, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk). Thank you to all the Organisers (and their teams) that make all these exciting events happen.
*See Notes 1 & 2

East Anglia has a wealth of quality Suppliers, Contractors and Traders to provide the products and services for our region’s Festivals.  Sourcing locally can have huge financial, environmental and logistical benefits.

Our region also has a multitude of excellent indoor, greenfield and street-based Venues and a rich vein of talented Artists and Entertainers.

The whole East Anglian Festival community should be congratulated for their significantly positive effect on our local economy and our region’s social and cultural well-being.  *See Note 3


Note 1. A ‘Festival’ is defined as ‘A day or period of organised activities and entertainment to celebrate an occasion or time of year with an organised event (or series of events) to entertain and provide Fun!’.  They can be Fairs, Shows, Concerts, Carnivals, Fetes, Galas, Fiestas, Jamborees, Pageants, Race Days, or Fun Days.  Festivals can include all different genres and types e.g. Aquatic, Art, Busking, Comedy, Crafts, Drama, Eras, Films, Food and Drink, History, Ideas, Illuminations, Literary, Music, Science, Spoken Word, Transport.

Note 2: 2018 was a record year for Festivals in Cambs, Norfolk and Suffolk (Essex to be added in 2019).  Since Gigs Out started listing Festivals the number has increased year on year with almost 400 in 2018.

Note 3:  1367 Full time jobs and £273 Million generated just by Music Tourism (194,000 Music Tourists) in the East of England – UK Music (2015)